LEGO R2-D2 75308 Light and Sound Kit (LEGO Set Not Included)

LEGO R2-D2 75308 Light and Sound Kit (LEGO Set Not Included)

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The Light My Bricks LEGO Star Wars UCS R2D2 light kit features a total of 13 individual LEDs, including two never before seen Colour Changing Bit Lights! The list of brand new components doesn't stop there however, also included are a pair of custom developed Sparkle Effects Boards! Designed specifically to mimic R2's logic function display!

Speaking of special effects, for those superfans of Lucasfilm out there, this kit comes with the option of including a Light My Bricks sound kit with remote, you’ll feel like you’re on set when he starts beeping and blooping, all thanks to the pre-programmed sound effects included on the sound kit's memory card.

Designed in such a way to allow complete functionality - turn, spin and twist all the amazing mechanical aspects of this incredible UCS build.

Light My Bricks LEGO® Lighting Kits provide an easy way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights. With detailed, step-by-step instructions, anyone can light up their LEGO® set.

This Light Kit contains:

  • 12 x Assorted Bit Lights
  • 4 x Connecting Cables
  • 2 x Sparkle Effects Boards
  • 2 x Expansion Boards (Only 1 required for Remote Control/Sound)
  • 4 x Adhesive Squares (Only 3 required for Standard Variant)
  • 6 x Assorted LEGO® pieces for assembly
  • 1 x USB Power Cable (Power Source not Included)

Remote Control & Sound add-on contains:

  • 1x IR Remote Control & Sound Board
  • 1x IR Remote Control
  • 1x IR Sensor w/ 30cm Cable
  • 1x Audio Speaker w/ 15cm Cable
  • 1x Micro SD Card 128MB w/ pre-loaded mp3 files
  • 1x Micro USB cable to transfer mp3 files to and from PC


This lighting kit is powered by a USB Power Bank, USB to AA Battery Pack or USB Wall Adaptor (to connect to a mains outlet), which is NOT included in this kit. If you do not have a USB Power Bank or USB Wall Adaptor, you can purchase them from our Powering section.

Installation Guide