Light My Bricks - Star Wars Ewok Village #10236

Light My Bricks - Star Wars Ewok Village #10236

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The LEGO Ewok Village (10236) is a fantastic recreation of the Ewok's treetop home on the planet Endor. Featured in the original trilogy movie, Return Of The Jedi, the Ewoks played a pivotal role in helping the rebels overthrow the evil Empire.

This Star Wars LEGO comprises of 1,990 pieces and is packed full of details and playability that will put a smile on any Star Wars fan's face. With four individual huts housed on four separate tree trunks, this tree village is home to the furry, pint-sized bear-like creatures called Ewoks.

The Ewoks are attuned with nature and their homes are lit with the use of fire instead of artificial lights. Therefore, we've added lights to the Ewok torches to create a tribal, forest look.

33 individual lights have been applied to this custom LEGO light kit. Additionally to the torches, we have added green strip lighting underneath the tree canopy to add ambience to the setting. We have also added a green lightsaber for Luke Skywalker so that the Jedi Knight is ready for action!


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